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Experienced Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorneys

Triangle Criminal Defense Group is a collection of talented and seasoned defense attorneys with over 85 years experience handling criminal matters.  From complex white collar federal cases, to regulatory issues with potential criminal ramifications, and state court felony, DWI, and misdemeanor charges, Triangle Criminal Defense Group is well suited to protect the constitutional rights of the accused.

The Firm

Our team consists of former Federal prosecutors, former State prosecutors, and a former Federal Magistrate Judge as senior advisor.  Our defense attorneys are dedicated to understanding their client’s needs and aggressively advocating on the client’s behalf.  Through experience we know what needs to be done on all fronts for an effective defense.  When needed, we utilize a network of private investigators and expert witnesses.  Criminal defense attorneys are supported by an exceptional staff that facilitates strategy, communication, and a positive client experience.

DWI and Misdemeanor Charges

Driving While Impaired Defense AttorneyDriving while impaired charges and misdemeanor charges in State court carry consequences far beyond the courtroom.  A DWI conviction restricts one’s ability to drive, and affects their liberty and livelihood.  Even a low-level misdemeanor can have a substantial impact on a person’s ability to get a job or professional license.  Defense attorney Landon White manages Triangle Criminal Defense Group’s District Court DWI and misdemeanor practice.  The firm primarily services clients facing DWI charges and misdemeanor charges in and around the Raleigh and Wake County area.  We have District Court experience across the state, and will consult on out-of-county charges whenever an aggressive and robust defense is needed.

 Felony Charges

Felony charges in State court range from low-level thefts and drug charges to white collar crimes and first degree murder.  Any felony conviction can have a devastating impact on one’s life, even when sentenced to probation with active time suspended.  At stake is one’s ability to work, vote, own a firearm, and many other collateral consequences.  Defense attorneys with Triangle Criminal Defense Group understand these concerns.  Representation on felony charges begins at the District Court level before being sent to the grand jury for indictment.  At this stage, partial discovery is shared by the prosecutor and the charges can be resolved by plea or dismissal.  Motions are not heard and the case cannot be called for trial.  Nonetheless, defense attorneys with Triangle Criminal Defense Group begin mapping the case and forecasting motions as if proceeding in Superior Court, where such motions would be heard.  This preparation and strategy is leveraged in negotiations with the prosecutor in District Court.  When unable to secure a favorable outcome in District Court, our defense attorneys are prepared to proceed in Superior Court attacking the charges.

Defense attorney Landon White has primary responsibility for the firm’s State felony practice.  Triangle Criminal Defense Group accepts consultations on felony charges statewide.

Professional License Defense

Rules violations can trigger a complaint from a professional licensing board even when there has been no criminal wrongdoing.  A criminal conviction, or even a criminal charge, can trigger disciplinary action by the board or a pre-license hearing in front of the board to determine the applicant’s character and fitness to practice in the profession.  At risk is one’s ability to earn a living.  Defense attorneys with the firm have experience defending a client’s privilege to practice in their chosen profession.  Our experience spans many different professional boards and industries.    


Triangle Criminal Defense Group provides a free consultation to review a prospective client’s case and discuss possible criminal defense strategies.  Upon being retained, every aspect of the client’s case is analyzed, from criminal investigation, to initial contact with law enforcement, to arrest and processing.  An individualized strategy is developed for each client’s case.  Most cases are taken on a flat fee basis.


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