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Triangle Criminal Defense Group is a collection of talented and seasoned defense attorneys with over 85 years experience handling criminal matters.  From complex white collar federal cases, to regulatory issues with potential criminal ramifications, and state court felony, DWI, and misdemeanor charges, Triangle Criminal Defense Group is well suited to protect the constitutional rights of the accused.  Our team consists of former Federal prosecutors, former State prosecutors, and a former Federal Magistrate Judge as senior advisor.  TCDG is based out of Raleigh and travels wherever our services are needed in North Carolina.  Our attorneys are licensed to practice in all State courts of North Carolina, and the Eastern District, Middle District, and Western District of the United States District Courts of North Carolina.

Practice Areas

The firm handles traffic and criminal matters of all levels, from speeding tickets to first degree murder.  For each client the lead attorney and team employ a results-oriented approach based on the facts and circumstances of the individual case.  Our clients have names, not case numbers.

Traffic Tickets.  Accepting responsibility for a traffic ticket as charged raises insurance rates and can even suspend your license.  TCDG negotiates with the District Attorney’s office to avoid these unwanted outcomes.  Learn more.

Driving While Impaired.  North Carolina, and Wake County in particular, aggressively pursue DWI charges.  A conviction for DWI affects all facets of one’s life.  Landon White leads the firm’s DWI practice.  His substantial knowledge and experience provide clients with an effective DWI defense.  Learn more.

Misdemeanor Charges.  Whether misdemeanor drug possession, misdemeanor violent crime, or misdemeanor weapon charge, a misdemeanor charge is a serious matter.  A conviction can be punishable by up to 150 days in jail.   Moreover, a conviction causes complications with employment, housing, and school.  One facing a misdemeanor should not proceed on their own.  Learn More.

Felony Charges.  Felony charges have original jurisdiction in Superior Court.  After the charge by law enforcement, a grand jury indicts the defendant into Superior Court.  Charges may be resolved before undergoing indictment.  It is imperative to act fast with an effective defense strategy when facing any felony charge.  Supervised probation or incarceration becomes a real possibility with felony charges.

Drug Charges.  North Carolina classifies drug charges primarily by weight.  Possession of certain controlled substances, such as cocaine, yields a felony charge regardless of weight.  High weights of a drug lead to felony charges alleging intent to sell or deliver.  The actual sale or delivery of any drug is a felony, regardless of weight.


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