Professional License and Disciplinary Action Defense

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Defending your livelihood before a professional licensing board or disciplinary committee is something no one should do alone.  In question is whether you will be able to continue as a member of your profession, or whether you will even get the chance to enter your profession.  Applicants for professional license may be required to sit for a hearing before being granted a license.  Members of a profession may find their way before the board after a complaint or an affirmative obligation to report an event.  Students may be called in front of a disciplinary committee over behavior collateral to their efforts at obtaining an education.

Triangle Criminal Defense Group shoulders the burden of preparing a defense against professional license and disciplinary actions.  We argue for our clients, allowing them to focus on telling their story.  Our involvement depends on the client’s needs and goals.  In some situations, assistance preparing applications and testimony is sufficient.  In more serious actions full engagement is necessary, where we counsel the client to be proactive while we prepare a tough, smart defense to preserve our client’s livelihood.  Some actions are disposed of by negotiated settlement, and some require a full hearing to achieve the best result.