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Don’t just pay the court costs and fine!  A guilty plea to a traffic ticket can increase insurance rates, suspended a driver license, or even result in a misdemeanor conviction.  Triangle Criminal Defense Group in Raleigh, NC may be able to avoid license or insurance consequences altogether by analyzing the traffic ticket and driving record, and then negotiating a reduction to the citation.  Triangle Criminal Defense Group handles most traffic tickets for a flat fee that includes court costs and fines, and without our clients ever having to go to court.


Speeding Tickets

Speeding convictions can add points to your driver license, raise insurance rates, and even suspend your driver license.  Triangle Criminal Defense Group reviews the speeding ticket and driving record, then negotiates for a reduction that avoids these adverse consequences.

Speeding ticket convictions that suspend your license:

•  2 or more speeding ticket convictions in excess of 55 mph and not more than 80 mph within 12 months;

•  Speeding ticket conviction in excess of 55 mph and one conviction of reckless driving within a year;

•  Speeding ticket conviction in excess of 75 mph and the speed limit is less than 70 mph;

•  Speeding ticket conviction in excess of 80 mph and the speed limit is 70 mph;

•  Speeding ticket conviction of 15 mph over the speed limit and in excess of 55 mph;

•  Speeding ticket conviction 15 mph over the speed limit and in excess of 80 mph;

•  Speeding conviction and Reckless Driving from the same incident;

•  Speeding conviction resulting in 12 or more driver license points over a 3-year period (8 or more points during the 3-year period immediately following a period of revocation).


Failure to Appear

Missed courts dates for minor traffic tickets result in a Failure to Appear (FTA) which can suspend your driver license, and the driver license cannot be reinstated until the pending traffic tickets are resolved.  If caught driving after a missed court date and FTA, you could be charged with Driving While License Revoked, which could cause additional driver license suspension periods.  If you have an FTA, Triangle Criminal Defense Group can review the outstanding traffic ticket, re-calendar the missed court date and resolve the matter so you have your driver license restored.


Driving While License Revoked

Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) is a misdemeanor and can have serious consequences on a person’s driver license and criminal record.  A DWLR conviction will suspend your license for at least one year and possibly result in permanent revocation.  If the revocation is from an impaired driving conviction, the District Attorney will aggressively prosecute the charge.  A reduction of the traffic ticket to another moving violation will also result in revocation, possibly even permanent revocation.  If charged with DWLR, contact Triangle Criminal Defense Group  to discuss the situation and any possible defenses.


Other Traffic Tickets

Expired registrations, failure to reduce speed, no operator license, failure to yield, and other traffic tickets may be negotiated down or dismissed for no driver license points or insurance points.  Even if you would admit to the traffic ticket, don’t just pay the court costs and fine.


Limited Driving Privilege

If your driver license is suspended, you may qualify for a limited driving privilege during the period of suspension.  Contact Triangle Criminal Defense Group to discuss the reason for your driver license suspension and whether you qualify for a limited driving privilege.


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