White Collar Criminal Defense


White collar crimes have complex issues that span criminal and civil practice areas.  When a Grand Jury subpoena or Civil Investigation Demand is received, it is of paramount importance to act quickly to limit the potential exposure of the company, its officers, and its employees.

Notification of a criminal investigation could come from a knock on the door by government agents, a Target letter from a government agency, or a subpoena to produce documents for the Grand Jury.  Any of these three events would indicate a serious problem.  If a regulatory agency has issued a CID there may not yet be a criminal investigation, but the agency is sharing the information with the U.S. Attorney who is looking for any perceived criminal activity.

When charges are filed, the Triangle Criminal Defense Group team identifies the client’s goals, analyzes the situation, and implements an effective defense strategy.  Triangle Criminal Defense Group in Wake County and Raleigh, NC has the experience and knowledge needed to navigate both the criminal and civil issues that exist with white collar crime charges.

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